Kajka a Mimi z Karviné


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Hey, they call me Mimi at home and I am 2 seconds younger than my sis!

The beginning of every day is terrible for me because I cannot stand my Mum’s morning combing my hair. I don’t understand  my sister is able to fall asleep during hair-pulling. But what always brings a smile to my face is my fantastic toy – a butterfly. It is the toy that only I have! His name is Tutúl. I am glad to suck and bite his wings and feelers. Yummmmm!

I like eating gherkins! But after lunch I love tasting assorted delicacies and puffs. And who cares that I am a bit dirty after eating them. My Mum says every kid should be a little bit dirty during eating the yummy foodstuffs and so I try making her happy. 

I do the exercises with the therapists and my Mum regularly and diligently even though I am fed up with the exercises. But I love swimming! Both in the pool and in the bath I am like fish! Woo-hoo! My sister and me always scream wildly when in water.

But what is not my favourite activity is travelling. I feel so bored that I mostly have a nap when travelling. I don’t understand what Kajka keeps watching outside. I prefer dreaming about riding horses with my sister. Neigh! I ride the therapeutic mare Mařenka and she takes me under the trees etc. I like listening to the sounds of her hooves. When the mare shakes during the ride I always laugh like crazy. But what surely wakes me up from my nap is the sound of a motorbike or lawn mower. It is such a fun! My sister and me laugh together so much that we almost drown them out.