Kajka a Mimi z Karviné


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Hi, they call me Kajka and I am proud to be 2 seconds older than my sis! 

Every morning I greatly enjoy my Mum’s combing my hair. It is so relaxing that I sometimes has a short nap during that. But what surely wakes me up is my gorgeously coloured plastic ball. It is the ball that only I have! There is hidden one more ball in and that one hides  another ball. This is the most favourite toy of mine or maybe little bells? At the moment I don’t know  but it will probably be the bells. 

After lunch I love a few pieces of chocolate and assorted biscuits! Yummmm …  And who cares that once in a while I stuff myself with the sweets  My Mum keeps saying that every child should be pretty dirty during eating the yummy foodstuffs  so I try making her happy. 

I make a big effort  to do the exercises with the therapists and my Mum patiently and diligently even though I have a little weep now and then. But I always feel happy in water! I am very fond of swimming in the pool and playing in the bath. It is more than amazing! With great enthusiasm my sis and I loudly whoop during our plays! 

I have a great time when travelling by car and so I have new experiences. I watch flashing trees, moving houses and various signs through the car’s window. I cannot stop laughing when hearing „farting“ the perforated exhaust pipe or a motorbike passes by us. It always wakes Mimi up and so we laugh together. But once we stop, I am in low spirits. I feel tired annoyed. „Mum, when are we going to the countryside  or to see our family in Slovakia again?“